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Are you so tied up in running your business that you don’t actually know how business is for you? Do you know your facts and figures and breakeven points? How well do you know your customers?

Are the wrong clients giving you more headaches than income? Need to build better relationships to win business?

All the time your business is doing well you probably don’t have time to stop and think about what the winning formula is. But when things are slowing down or so busy you don’t have time to stop and think that’s when the answers to these questions can make or break your business.

Planning a business that will run well without you and employing the right staff are vital for long term success. And having a business exit strategy to work towards will help give you vision. When was the last time you set goals for yourself as well as the business?

Most business owners adapt with their business but we’re not all experts in all fields and it can be hard to let go of the reins when business is good and hard to get in expertise when it’s not so good.

DMBA was formed to support businesses in a number of different ways whether that’s Financial Planning, Quality Management Systems or Creative Innovation.

We specialise in new start-up businesses or small to medium size companies who may be finding it difficult to move to the next level.

With practical experience gained over 30 years in the business world we know how hard it can be to keep pace with your success as you move through the growing pains of expansion or need support in the processes of growth.

In a small to medium size business a good company structure, strategy and planning can be left behind simply because there is not enough time due to the day to day operational demands. DMBA works with you to get the structure, strategy and a plan in place so that your business is in the best shape and ready to evolve as time goes by.

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