As I have been networking, making links locally in the business community, that’s the question that I get asked the most.

In response I say the answer is I love helping people and I want to make a difference.

With 40 years’ experience in the sector, working at every level, I’ve seen how to succeed in progressing and growing your business strategically and the mistakes that may cause you to fail.

It frustrates me when I see good companies who believe that they need to roll over and give 120- or 150-days credit to their tier 2 clients or who haven’t got the confidence to go the next level and become primary supplies themselves.

Through my extensive network of contacts, I have come across a lot of business owners who rely too heavily on one contract or who employ guys but still end up working a 120-hour week as they get stuck on treadmill of site visits, getting supplies, estimating, re-working and, eventually, invoking the client.

I’ve specifically designed these workshops to cover these key areas to give practical, implementable information that can make a massive difference to how you see yourself and the future of your business.

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