Why do we consider that we are one of the leading training providers for business owners in the construction industry?

Many generalist business mentors and coaches do not understand the complexities and challenges the construction industry brings to small business owner.

Banks, accountants, account managers find it difficult to understand.  This is borne out by the banks negative attitude towards construction companies. Lots of people in the industry become owners by default taking advantage of their excellent technical skills but are lacking business experience.

Unfortunately, this leaves many businesses in a vacuum never moving out of their comfort zone and never reaching their reason for starting a business.

Over several years, I have seen many accounts managers who were highly competent in their field, but never worked in construction. They really struggle to understand how monthly reporting needs reporting to give a true reflection on how each contract is performing. I have often heard Banks managers use the term widget, this refers to a small product or service provided by a company. This can be easily set up with an accountancy package allowing management quick access to accurate financial position, unfortunately this is not as easy in construction.

Unlike many other consultancies we fully understand the complexities. Our experience goes far wider than just financials we can offer all other aspects for your business such as procurement of future contracts, project management, efficiency of managing projects.

Through our workshops and support services we will give you as much knowledge you will require to become a successful business owner. Our aim is to make those complexities become simple allowing you the time to grow and your business to prosper.

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