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An introduction

The David Munn Construction Business Academy was formed to offer support, advice, training and consultancy services to small and medium sized businesses, operating in the construction industry.

Most small and medium-sized business owners spend all their time, energy and focus going from project to project just getting the job done. They are so busy working “in” their business, they fail to see the importance of spending time working “on” their business.

Running a business in an efficient, effective and sustainable way requires a different set of skills and way of thinking. The academy offers the opportunity for business owners to learn and develop these additional skills, allowing you to reduce the stress and uncertainty many of you feel running and managing a business today.

Utilising over 40 years’ experience, the academy runs a series of seminars and workshops throughout the year on a range of industry-relevant topics including bid writing, tendering and project management. We occasionally run other courses on other topics of interest if there is a demand. Talk to us about your training needs so we can help you.

Many businesses fail today, not because of a weak product or service offering was weak, but through a lack of skills in running a business. Working with the academy, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Come and talk to us about your business so we explore together, without obligation, how we can help your business be more successful. We look forward to hearing from you.

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